Venture Accelerators


Venture Accelerators

We live in a world facing remarkable challenges, but within the Jewish community there is enormus potential to face and fix the world around us. By tapping the talents and passions of everyday professionals in our community, we can help accelerate entrepreneurial change agents to transform our communities and create a better future.

In over a decade of running Venture Accelerators throughout North America, PresenTense has also partnered with institutions in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.

PresenTense Israel’s Venture Accelerators reach a broad range of Israeli society, to realize its mission of “bringing the Start-up Nation” to the “Ground-up Nation” and making entrepreneurship accessible to all of Israel’s population. The programs are categorized as:

Geographic: Training a range of social entrepreneurs in a particular city (Jerusalem, Haifa, Beersheva, Lod)

Demographic: Addressing the needs of a particular demographic community in Israel (NaserahTech, Q-Start, Mubadren, Yazamiot)

Subject Area: Supporting entrepreneurs who address challenges in a specific field (A3I - disability innovation)

In addition, we’ve built a professional mentorship network, PresenTense Pro, which matches entrepreneurs with quality mentors recruited from all across Israel.

Accelerating social impact
Enabling organizations and groups to innovate from within
Looking to give back using your expertise?

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